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Box of 6 Alfajores

2 X Negro 70% is the perfect Alfajor for those who like a little bit of a punch. Its centre is filled with the most decadent and sweet rum-spiked Dulce de Leche sauce, all guarded by two subtly flavoured orange biscakes and as always, coated in our dark 70% Organic Peruvian Chocolate.

2 X Leche 47% will grow fonder in your heart with each and every bite. This silky milk chocolate Alfajor has a beautifully smooth and nutty centre, courtesy of its Dulce de Leche and peanut butter heart. Also guarded by our signature orange biscakes and covered in velvety 47% Milk Venezuelan Chocolate. What’s not to like?

2 X Blanco 33% will take you on a truly delicious journey with its delicately bitter centre filled with silky smooth Dulce de Leche and crunchy cacao nibs. These little jewel-like crunchy pieces are the result of crushed cocoa beans, chocolate’s purest and rawest form. 

This box was created in collaboration with the Argentinian Artist Renatta who communicates and exposes her own emotions on vanvas with metallics and shine. The Artworks selected for this box are: "El Poder" & "El Poder II" 

We believe in the great power within and how as expanding generates movement, therefore we inspired our new playfull collection around this concept. Enjoy!

Net weight 365 gr (Ask for HALAL)

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