INSPIRAR. Our new Blog is here

INSPIRAR. Our new Blog is here

Inspirar is a blog that shares the story of people that have inspired us in our journey to SUR Chocolates. Travellers, curious, entrepreneurs, meaning and identity seekers. People willing to share their essence.

Sometimes this essence is called vocation and is not a straightforward road. Ours came through movement. Because I came out of Argentina (the country where I was born) I could discover what made me different. When I returned home, I discover what is that I love. When I travelled out again, I could create from inside of who I am something that really represents me. Each movement was a breath of fresh air that nurtured me. I discover the essence that makes me happy and now that I know where to go, I just need to draw the map and walk the path.

Every map is individual and unique although not for that reason solitary. Connecting with people who are on this journey is absolutely wonderful and inspiring. That’s the reason why in addition to making our chocolates we want to share our history which is the history of many who influence us with their essence, creativity and talent; with their challenges of how to carry out what makes them fly.

Without further introduction we present SUR INSPIRAR: Body and Mind Traveller Entrepreneurs who left permanent footprints on our path. People we admire and look at. People who encourage us to search and with whom we rap. People essential to us as breathing.

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