About us

We are the first Argentinian Chocolaterie in the UK. We specialise in Luxury Alfajores, truffles, bars and dragées with Latin American identity.

We are travellers, adventurers, revolutionaries who are proud to be Argentinians abroad and share our passion for Alfajores with a twist with as many people as we can.

Maria Romero Head Chocolatier

I Maria, have been a chocolatier for 20 years working in hotels like The Savoy Hotel and Hilton Buenos Aires, in chocolate shops like Rococo Chocolates and L'Artisan du Chocolate, teaching chocolate sculpture and chocolate making to many students and always looking for something exiting to create. Finally, after two lovely kids and a few trips back and forth to Argentina and the UK I realised I was ready to fulfil my dream of a family business bringing out my identity and my creativity as who I really am as a chocolatier. And then SUR Chocolates was born. 

My husband Emanuel working in PR and Media bringing his creative ideas and I as the maker want to share with you the true experience from the South so while you eat an Alfajor you can see art, or listen to music or know a bit more about a region. We are complex and contradictory, passionate and loud people, a bit like tango, a bit like lots of people around the world and yet unique. 


SUR is made of childhood tasting memories that got stuck in my heart, like my mum cooking sweet rice pudding (I can still see her every time) or my school kiosk which I used to adore and visit more than frequently. Noises and heat in summer, colour and music. Ohh...the experience of an Alfajor was always there with friends or family a partner or in loneliness...the greedy Alfajor.  

We want to conquer the world one Alfajor at a time (or many) and to bring SUR to anyone who wants to travel just from where they are. 

Maria & Emanuel SUR Chocolates