Love before WI-FI

Love before WI-FI

Lentos didn’t come back…

 …Because everyone is in a rush. Hey! Calm down. Enjoy and remember. Remember when you were a kid. A youngster. Let’s say 12ish?

We are going to tell you a story. In the late 80s Emanuel and I were 12 ish and at that time we were starting to realise there were boys and girls and our relationship with them was weird. We didn’t know what was going on. No cell phones, no Netflix, not many books about it. Asking your parents? too embarrassing.

It was a time where birthdays were celebrated from 7pm until around 11pm. In the birthday parties you would eat and dance. We would have to wait until the end of the night for the music round of LENTOS to get close. Girls sitting on one side and boys on the other. Music in the air, Phil Collins, INXS, Roxette, A-Ha, etc. The boys will come extend their hand and invite you to dance a LENTO. We would dance, slowly and together. It was sweet, clumsy and a bit awkward. And in that magical instant: love.

And yes, there was life before all this craziness of rushing everything, before someone gives you likes or follows you on Instagram. You would follow people with smiles and looks. Staying close without any confirmation that things will go ok. Boys and girls we needed to try and connect by being present: In the moment. Building up momentum and taking the time to know each other. And waiting for the right time where magic happens.

Today it is very difficult to connect if Christmas is in July and Easter starts in January. If we believe that Valentines is only about hearts and kisses and no other kinds of love & connections. Like rushing chocolate down your throat and what’s next? Really?

When you listened to music in the 80s on your Walkman you couldn’t choose the songs randomly. You had to hear the whole cassette as it came (sometimes no lyrics written either). As the artist has chosen to put it together because artists do intend to give you an experience song after song, not a quick one hit wonder. There was art on the cover and inside. You had to listen to it more than once and let it sink.

In this special edition we will share with you a bit of the past, to rewind and remind you that there is connection without Wi-Fi. There was always a connection before it and it was good.

Lentos didn't come back or could be revived.  I know why. People need to slow down, remember to connect physically and look into other people’s eyes. Listen carefully and talk even slower. Too much going on. We have lost the practice.

This limited edition Alfajores are a depiction of my sweet innocent love at first sight: Going to a Panaderia and beg for a merenguito con dulce de leche, repeatedly ask for banana split ice-cream (dulce de leche, banana and chocolate) and eating naughtily cherry and mint caramelos (hard two flavoured sweets)


To help you set into the appropriate mood we have chosen two Mixtapes for you. Side A, with Argentinian music related to love and Side B, the 80s International music that we have listened to as LENTOS.

Just ask yourself who is rushing you, where are you going so fast and remember it is always TODAY (“Siempre es hoy” one of my favourite artists Gustavo Cerati) so calm down and enjoy LENTOS didn’t come back, LENTAMENTE. 

Abrazos from SUR

From us, Maria & Emanuel

Real people doing Alfajores with Love just for you 

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