Vaquita for One Ocean Crew

Vaquita for One Ocean Crew

In Argentina people make a Vaquita when there is a party or any other celebration among friends and everyone pays the bill together as one. We make a Vaquita to buy a present or to help get a resource that one dreamer cannot accomplish alone. Usually it starts when we look at each other,  everyone is feeling the same and then someone says: “hacemos una vaquita?”. Vaquita is, amazingly enough the name of One Ocean’s Crew eco boat. 

When I was growing up and until not too long ago, I didn’t have any women role models in my life to show me how amazing is to be one. I couldn’t see on TV, Radio, or News this amazing women who challenge themselves daring imposible quests and how in a woman’s way that would be done, with our own way of thinking and feeling and pushing ourselves. 

When we heard about One Ocean Crew we didn’t think twice in supporting them and being part of this challenge with them. To make a Vaquita with them and to invite all our friends to know a little bit more in how 4 women are going to cross the Atlantic Ocean rowing. YES!!!! Rowing 3000 miles. 

“We are One Ocean Crew, four women in our thirties rowing a tiny eco boat 3000 miles across the Atlantic Ocean. We represent the dreamers, the adventurers, the go-getters, the passionate, the determined and the curious. But most of all, we are four ordinary women taking on an extraordinary adventure. We are Jen, Emily, JP and Erin.”  

In December 2021, they will be pushing off from La Gomera, Canary Islands and taking their first strokes of row towards Antigua. The crossing will take them upwards of 40 days, on an 8 meter boat, powered by woman power alone. They will be completely self-sufficient and will need to learn a host of skills for a successful crossing, from navigation, to being able to fix any part of the boat. Conditions can vary from a flat slow sea, to storms with up to 20ft waves. The crew will row in pairs in 2 hour shifts, 24 hours a day, every day until we hit Antigua. Their boat has two tiny cabins that are not only their house to rest, but also contain all essential communication and navigation kit. “The facilities on board are as luxurious as a bucket! This will be an epic, crazy adventure!”

Their mission is two-fold. “We are passionate about the ocean and we are passionate about empowering women.” Their eco boat is the first of its kind and is manufactured using renewable wind energy, containing over 10,000 recycled plastic bottles! Their Atlantic row supports the campaign for a healthier ocean and they are supporting the Sea Ranger Service, a social enterprise that tackles youth unemployment and drives practical solutions for ocean regeneration.

“We also want to inspire and empower women to create opportunities and fight for what you love. If we can row and ocean, anything is possible!”

For us, me Maria, my husband Emanuel, my little daughter Lua and my little son Leon, the crew of SUR we think there is no much more to say as we believe deeply in deeds. We are and will be part of trying to make this a better world and specially with more female role models. If you think about it they are really free women to dare to make their dreams come true because they can and in the way bring a message of joy and commitment with themselves and the ocean that is part of all of us. 

Today they have launched a crowdfunding campaign until 11th March and we are here to spread the message. We would really love them not to row in dulce de leche* but in salted Atlantic Ocean. We can do it together.  

*Remar en dulce de leche: row in dulce de leche means something really hard to do or an impossible task. Just imagine… 


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