Note by Note

Note by Note

By Maria Romero

Year after year and note by note is the only way you can master a musical instrument. Anyone that has experienced the painful playing or listening to someone´s practice until music comes out of it knows what I am writing about...
It takes practice, constancy and love. 99% perspiration 1% talent. Even in sports, painting, building, cooking many talents require this “magical” formula. 
Today 2nd of March 2022 I feel some of this idea will help me come out of this crossroad where I feel I am. How would I sell Alfajores happiness in the middle of the war? Shall I post a Ukrainian flag and get on with my life?

Can I change anything at all? Where are we going? How do we keep on with our jobs, desires, and dreams? How do we feel inspired and creative when not far from us people are in a desperate life situation?

I feel my world is nothing compared to this.
Are we having the conversation of how we keep going? How after watching the news we go on with our lives? Are we awake?



We have started a year with hopes of leaving the pandemic behind and having a new start but… there were other plans coming up. It is common knowledge what is happening today in Ukraine. As a globalized world, we have news from all over and it is very difficult to stay away. I will say: “I will not (cannot) look away”. Consequences for women because of withdrawal of troops in Afghanistan. What happens in Argentina with femicides? And so so so on.
Step by step. Note by note. I will build myself up and do something meaningful. To bring joy instead of destruction. As painful as it might feel the practice of an instrument, I would try on my own will (with the people next to me) until some music comes out of this. 

I used to watch my kids grow and, as human beings, you can experience that it was easy for them to crash the tower of blocks that you made for them. But it will take years and fine skill to build one by themselves. It is so hard to build, to practice, to be constant, to lift yourself up over and over again. Over failures, over misunderstanding and pain. It is so easy to drop a bomb and destroy life, creativity and creation.
Shall we, between all of us, challenge the big bomb with thousands of creations? Constancy and belief that there is music after all this practice?

Argentinian pianist Julieta Iglesias, that has composed piano arrangements of the song from a very Famous Argentinian Rock band Serú Giran who created music in the middle of the Argentinian dictatorship government in 1978 – 1982 and the revolutionary Astor Piazzola who made the Nuevo Tango though many historical events still creating and incorporating his classical music formation opening through a tough world that didn’t think he was doing tango and changing it forever. 

Julieta has been (like all of us) in lockdown always creating and even releasing records without knowing when or if she would be performing any time soon. During 2020 she recorded two EP's: 'Piano in Quarantine' and 'My Homages', and one album, 'Londoner'. In 2021 she released 'Simply Classical' and her first classical fusion work, ‘Londres suena a Serú’.

Now is the time to go out again even with new world catastrophes raging around us but as Facundo Cabral says: 

“The good is the majority but it is not noticeable because it is silent.  A bomb makes more noise than a caress, but for every bomb that destroys there are millions of caresses that feed life” 

I will take Julieta’s example: note by note, creating for herself and now sharing what she loves, live. Because Art and love meant to be performed and shared, not to feel ashamed of because there is so much wrong going around. 

We invite you to check out her crowdfunding and music and keep it up. Here we will go on creating as this is our and many people revolutionary building life act.

Here is Seru Giran’s SEMINARE by Julieta Iglesias. 
verb [ transitive ]
seme / terra
to sow, to seed, to plant

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