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Alfajor RE NEGRO 85%

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Bitter cacao biscake filled with 85% Colombian chocolate ganache coated in 85%  Colombian Chocolate from TUMACO Region. 

This dark, bitter & mousse-like Alfajor will captivate your senses even if you are not a lover of extremes. 

RE in Argentina is used when you want passionately mean more about almost anything. As strong and long the R vibrates in your mouth, as so does the passion and drive you want to say emphasise whatever comes next.  

Here are some examples:

Bueno: Good - RE Bueno: Amazing

Rico: Nice - RE RICO: Really yummy

Fuerte: Strong - RE FUERTE: Someone really hot

and then things get crazy like: RE ZARPADO! (which can go many ways) probably someone that has done something really good or bad or cheeky, depending on the tone of the voice. 

Lots of Argentinians and Latin American countries have a very rich way of saying lots of things with only with one word. 

We invite you to our crazy, amazing and fun RRRRREEE with and extreme & passionate dark 85%. Enjoy!

Each Alfajor weight is 60 gr (HALAL)

Shelf life 2 weeks

You can order individually or a box of 6 to share

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